Inspection Matters

Why is Home Inspection Important?

A house consists of many systems such as structure system, electrical system, plumbing system, Heating, ventilation and air condition system and mechanical system (appliances), and other optional system including lawn and garden sprinkler system, swimming, hot tub system, outdoor building system, gas supply system, whole house vacuum system and private water wells system. Each system has many components working together to perform a specific function within the system. These systems interact with each other to provide a safe, comfortable living environment for people. Any system failure or parts of the system failure may cause huge trouble for the occupants depending upon the time and location.

For instance, if the structure system fails, repairs will only focus on the deficient components within the structure. Other components in the system may also fail due to the structure failure. Once the structure problem is fixed, you still have to inspect other components related to the structure failure. That is the reason you need a professional home inspector in your home buying process.

The average cost of home inspection in the nation is only 0.2% of home price. Home inspectors may uncover potential issues that’ll cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repair. In addition, they may protect you from the stress the building deficiencies will bring to you and your family. If all goes well in inspection (rarely this is the case), you have peace of mind. Due to these benefits in conjunction with proportionally low cost, real estate experts often recommend home inspection prior to closing.

By Michael Zhang