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Austin Home Inspector

Home Inspector Michael Zhang

Texas Real Estate Commission Professional Inspector (Home Inspector) License #20399

Texas Department of Agriculture (Termite Inspection) TDA TPCL License #0721625

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI

My name is Michael, owner of ABT Inspections, PLLC. I’m a licensed professional home inspector (PRIN) serving the greater Austin area.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Technology from Texas State University.  My education provides a firm foundation for my inspection business. In addition, I’m certified by International Code Council (ICC) which is widely recognized by builders, government agencies and third party entities as the single most significant codes and standards credentials that building professionals can attain.
ICC Certified
In central Texas, termite inspection is seen as an integral part of home inspection, therefore, many of my customers request termite inspection service as well.

During home and termite inspection, I perform a methodical visual inspection of various structural, mechanical, electrical and safety components and systems that meets or exceeds TREC’s high standard of practices with the help of professional inspection tools. First-time home buyers are especially appreciative of my lengthy explanations when they don’t understand the terminologies used in the industry. My goal is to get my clients to understand every single sentence and significance of each deficiency in their inspection report.

A vast majority of my customers are concerned with foundation or structure. I use Ziplevel PRO-2000 high precision altimeter to test the level of foundation. Zip level is accurate to the nearest 2mm.

ICC Certified

ICC Certified



Inspection Tools

Inspection Tools

Did you know, not every inspector is a Professional Home Inspector?

In Texas, some home inspectors hold “Apprentice” or “Real Estate” licenses which require sponsorship from Professional Inspectors. Only a handful inspectors advance to the “Professional Inspector” level. In the city of Cedar Park, as of May 2012, only 10 Professional Licenses are active including mine. “Professional inspector” means a person who represents to the public that the person is trained and qualified to perform a real estate inspection. You’re more likely satisfied with the quality services from a professional inspector.

Did you know, very few inspectors are certified by ICC?

ICC certification can only be obtained by passing examinations to the highest standards administered by International Code Council. ICC code is adopted throughout most of the United States. Many builders, goverment agencies recognize ICC certification as the single most significant codes and standards credentials that building inspectors can attain.

Did you know, not every inspector is licensed to perform termite inspection?

In Texas, termite inspection requires a separate license and insurance. Most home inspectors are not licensed to perform termite inspection. They usually call a third party to come out. You may have to schedule with the termite inspection a second time. With me, I can perform termite inspection at the same time as home inspection.

Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice

By Michael Zhang