Inspection Terminology


    • Deficiency: A condition that, in the inspector’s reasonable opinion, adversely and materially affects the performance of a system or component or constitutes a hazard to life, limb, or property as specified by the TREC’S standard of practice. General deficiencies include but are not limited to inoperability, material distress, water penetration, damage, deterioration, missing parts, and unsuitable installation (RULE 535.227 (A)).
    • Deficient: Reported as having or more deficiencies (RULE 535.227(A))
    • Performance: Achievements of an operation, function, or configuration consistent with accepted industry practice (Rule 535.227 (a))
    • Cosmetic: Related only to appearance or aesthetics, and not related to structural performance, operability, or water penetration.
    • Glazing: panel glass used in doors, windows and fences etc.

By Michael Zhang